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Last 10 days in pics

Since my update has been bad the last couple of 10 days, I will now show you a Huge pic explosion of these days. Enjoy!

Lunch in Xintiandi

Lunch Thursday


Max(Swe), Henrikke(Norway),me, Mike(Den) and Max(Ger)

Joanna was smart when we didnt have any corkscrew


Old town of Shanghai

Outside Yu Garden

My office-view

Breakfast Thursday

M1NT last sunday

No words needed

Not crowded at all.... no no

Every Monday ----> Two burgers for one at Blue Frog, weey!!

Art Exhibitions on Wednesday

Very special....

Indian food an Wednesday evening

Felt a little sick again and stayed in bed for one day â™¡

Iiiih!! â™¡

Went to Pudong for dinner

German Max brought this very nice easy espresso maker. An espresso machine is always the best, but this one is nice too!


School continues...


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