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Enjoying the view from my balcony. Having the perfect view over People's Square to the right and the streets of lower Huangpu in the middle and (almost) the Bund to the left. It happens A lot right now.  But I finally managed to transform my afternoon classes into private lessons. Which feels so good because I need more time to study on my own. And private lessons is... Private lessons haha.

  It has happned a lot since last time writing..  On saturday evening we (my roommates and I) went to our old roommate for a Moldavian dinner and then KTV (Karaoke!! Karaoke in China is HUGE). Ate Moldavian food for the first time, and it was actually really tasty. They has this very salty cheese. Nice. Perfect to cure our hangover from last night (hehe)
KTV was great too. But we were all pretty tired so we only stayed on the dancefloor(the room we had) for two hours.Then streetfood and then straight home.

SUNDAY: Mr Pancake again!! (the brunch place from last blog entry) But no nutella crepes this time haha. Instead I ordered a very perfect crepe with scrambled eggs and ham plus potato and a strawberry smoothie.
Then I had the whole day for studying and then we went to M1NT, which is (besides Bar Rouge of course ;) ) the best nightclub in Shanghai for the Formula 1 closing party. Came home pretty early for school at monday.

So yesterday.. first school and then studying at Starbucks no funny business. And then out for streetfood.
Today, pretty much the same. 


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