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I saw THE ROCK (Hobbs Fast and Furious)

Okey, was just about to write an entry about where my apartment is located here in Shanghai when I saw Dwayne Johnson, omg. You know the actor and he is called the rock? So unexpected. Or I mean, I am sitting on Le Royal Meridien right now in the middle of Shanghai. But wasnt really expecting to see a celebrity. Especially not Him!! He is like the coolest actor ever. Also, I am having a Fast and Furious marathon right now. Okey, this made my day

About my apartment. So I live in the intersection Hankou Road och North Guangxi Road. Hankou Road is a parallel street with East Nanjing Road. Between these two streets, there is a street called Jiujiang Road. (And here, Le Royal Meridien is located.) If you stand by my apartment on Hankou Road and have East Nanjing in your front, you have People's Square and Raffles City to your left (West) and The Bund to your right (East). It takes around 10 minutes to walked to The Bund from there.

Today Mike left.. Back to Denmark :( And on Thursday Max leaves. So sad, will miss my guys so much. Lina leaves next Saturday, and That really sucks. I want her here very, very much

Joana (Germany), me and Lina the day before yesterday (Friday)

Yesterday Henrikke, Joanna (Sweden), Antonia and I went to The bund beach party. Is was Prison Break theme and they did it so well. Lots of people, beer and volleyball. Can you ask for more?


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